When I get offered a job with a starting salary that literally doesn’t even cover my rent


i always wear all black just to remind you that im always ready for your funeral 

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You gotta feel for huskies living in tropic zones.

You gotta feel for huskies living in tropic zones.

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Imaginatively Surreal Photography -Diggie Vitt

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Diggie Vitt’s photography extends the boundaries of reality in mind-blowing ways that range from subtle to outlandishly impossible. In one photo Diggie’s model is steaming with heat rolling from his body, a surreal look at man, but in the next photo the same model has flames bursting from his sleeves while in relaxing motions he wipes sweat from his brow. Diggie’s photographs take us on journeys of fun and confusion. The child in all of us would love to be lighting the giant candle atop a massive cupcake before we dive into to fill our childhood fantasies. Who among us can imagine our heads wrapped in thick flaming ropes? Diggie Vitt can imagine it and photographs it for us.

The amazing imagery from Diggie Vitt helps expand our view of reality and fantasy in fun and sometimes unsettling ways. A visual feast of excitement is found in every collection from Diggie.


Sydney, Australia.




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omg lol 😂
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“Everybody’s had their shot at me; the media, authors, shrinks, lawyers, broadcasters, prison guards. They’ve all fucked me like a whore and refused to pay. Sadly, after all of this fucking, nobody really knows me.”

— Charles Manson, 1976

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The Murders in the Rue Morgue (1932)

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