Rusty and I have been together for two years this week. I don’t know how he has put up with me this long. Poor dude…

Salem, in a nutshell. @marshmcclung, beers, deer, and the mill. (at Parkway Brewing Co.)

Tomorrow is the best day of the year! Halloween selfie time! (Stolen from @ddevilfingers) #wednesdayaddams #gpoy

Halloween is just 2 slow days away. In the meantime… (at 1313 Mockingbird Lane)

I give you @kjhamre, and her first time seeing This is the End.

Saturdays with Slender Man in the printmaking studio. #SlendySaturday? Can that be a thing? (at Art Barn)

Perfect for the week of #ChungMung tapping. And life in general. (at 1313 Mockingbird Lane)

So excited about all of the new little Munglings! I love my Barry family! Glory Glory!! #chungmungs (PS y’all who has this robe now?!)

El Ten Eleven last night in Charlottesville. Easily the best show I have been to so far this year. Please come back soon, @elteneleven!

!!!! XX XX XX XX XX !!!! (at nTelos Wireless Pavilion)

Because it’s #fridaythe13th, Marsh and I are starting the Halloween season early with #Goosebumps and apple cider candles. “Viewer beware, you will be scared!” @rlstein (at 1313 Mockingbird Lane)

I couldn’t decide what to post for #fridaythe13th so I’ll go with all three. My new #blackcraft hoodie, #JasonVoorhees, and Blackula. Always Blackula. @blackcraftcult

Friday night at Rochelle. (at Rochelle)

No wonder Rusty is such a grump. He has to put up with ME. #shiba #shibainu (at 1313 Mockingbird Lane)

#throwbackthursday to the perfect day when @monomythism and I found a man selling husky puppies in a CVS parking lot. #puppies #gimmie #huskiesarethecutest #idontcarethattheyshedeverywhere #ijustwantone #rustyisokayiguess (at Puppy Heaven)

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